Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stuff you wish you could find a rubber stamp for...

I discovered a blog today that had funny sayings for stamps, but they all were negative towards men. I happen to love men ( man) so I thought up some other uses for witty/snarky stamps. The first part is what would go on the outside of the card and the part after the "..." goes on the inside.

Note: These are purely for the sake of humor. I am not having these issues.

The Resignation Card:

  • Hey, thanks...for stifling my creativity, my earning potential, and my will to live.
  • Working here...makes panhandling seem like a viable option.
  • I'd really like to say thanks for being such a great boss...But I'm no liar.

    The "Your Service Really Sucks" Card:

  • Your company is like rips a gaping hole in my wallet giving nothing in return.
  • Thanks for the job you did on my car...I didn't know chimps were so dextrous.
  • I love coming to your office...while I wait I have plenty of time to pay bills, finish the novel I began writing last time I was here, and have another birthday.

    The Break Up Card:

  • I'm just not ready for a commitment right now. With you.
  • The tribe has spoken...You've been voted off the island.
  • It's not you. It's me....Not liking you.
  • We can still be friends....Just not with each other.

    The I'm Sorry Card:
  • I'm sorry...You have no sense of humor.
  • I'm sorry...that our friendship has been tedious and one-sided. For me.
  • I'm sorry that she dumped you....I am sure things will get better. For her.

    1. Your break up cards made me LOL. :)

    2. My "car" card was loosely based on your experience with the Walmart oil change.

    3. So when are you going to start making these little gems into real stamps??????

    4. These r great!! I might be making a card with "I'd really like to say thanks for being such a great boss...But I'm no liar.", On it, after the day I had today!


    Thanks for showing some love!