Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Hostess Gift

I made these last year for my sister since she hosted our family Christmas breakfast. The mop-n-glow technique couldn't possibly be easier and the results are quite stunning.

1. You pour a bit of the mop liquid into the bulb.
2. Cover opening of bulb with saran wrap (to prevent any spills - floor wax is STICKY!)
3. Shake bulb around so that the floor wax completely coats the inside surface of the bulb.
4. Pour out any excess liquid.
5. Pour glitter into bulb.
6. Cover opening with saran wrap again.
7. Shake bulb so that glitter is now covering all of the inside surface of the bulb.
8. Using ribbon of choice, make a bow for hanging bulb in tree.


  1. I love these so much! And while I am a sucker for glitter, I am not a sucker for cleaning said glitter from every square inch of my apartment, so the glitter on the inside was PERFECT! Thanks again for the rockin gift!

  2. I made some of these last X-mas, except I used re-inkers, but I like the floor wax method better! Got to get some moer glitter, that just brakes my heart. HAHAHA!


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